Hotels in Sancti Spiritus City, Trinidad, Topes de collantes, Playa Ancon and Zaza. We recommend Hotel Encanto del Rijo, Hotel Costa Sur, Hotel Grand Trinidad, Hotel Trinidad del Mar. This website though provides general information about Sancti Spiritus, all its available hotels and a Sancti Spiritus map locating each hotel.

About Sancti Spiritus

The land of the Yayabo River

Sancti Spiritus is located practically in the middle of the island, nearby to the west with the province of Villa Clara and Cienfuegos and to Ciego de Avila at the east. The water of the Bahamas' channel bathe its north coast and to the south the Caribbean sea had formed nice beaches, sunny and warm during the whole year.

Sancti Spiritus, Parque Calixto Garcia

Charming colonial city in central Cuba, capital of Sancti Spiritus Province. City is situated on the banks of Yayabo River. The settlement of Espiritu Santo now Sancti Spiritus, one of the Cuban cities painted in blue, where it is easiest to enjoy nature and spirit of the colonial era. Founded in 1514 at what at that time was believed to be the geographical center of the island of Cuba. Sancti Spiritus Cuba the settlement of Espiritu Santo. Detached from main tourism trail, safe and pleasing to walk around, is a natural stopping point on tours between Havana and Trinidad. A city of narrow streets it has hundreds of well preserved old colonial buildings, combine legend and reality, fun to visit.

Loma de la Cruz, Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus with its gracious people offers visitors delightful colonial architecture and labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets. It's like stepping back in time in the colonial past. City symbol is the Yayabo Bridge, Roman style arched brick bridge, built by the Spanish in 1815 spanning the Yayabo River the Puente Yayabo.

Sancti Spiritus, Tourist at Guardalavaca Beach

Located in the province of Sancti Spiritus it can be find Trinidad, the capital of the central mountains of the island, and one of the populations most beautiful of Cuba. Its beauty architectonic combined with the sublime grate, the lathe wood, complex works of smithy, walls amazing decorated by hand, inside gardens, traditional and ancestral legends and pave streets, distinguish Trinidad, the Cuban museum city, a place inhabited by people that makes the preservation of the beauty its reason to live, This colonial pearl, preserved with care by the cuban people was considered by the UNESCO a Humanity Patrimony since 1988.

Founded by the conquer Diego Velazques in 1514, the city was converted in a place of marked economical and cultural opulence, which made a great influence in the architectonic, as an expression of the social status of a rich social class. There are here great hotels and residence which show in their style the notable influence baroque and neoclassic.

Sancti Spiritus, Art

Very close to Trinidad, in the mountain range of Escambray, it can be find Topes de Collantes, a place that exhibits its ferocious nature and a special microclimate. An ideal place for health tourism. Over its impressive landscape, it can be distinguish the Caburni river and its spectacular water leap of 65 meters high, which give to the zone a particular attractive.